Child Therapy

Parents/caregivers are essential in the healing of their children. I meet with the parents first, not only for an intake but also to understand their background and the uniqueness of the family. I continue to meet with the parents/caregivers either a few minutes each session, or once a month to check in on progress and provide feedback. I use a family systems approach which means that I engage the entire family when possible in the treatment of the child I am seeing. I focus on forming a secure and therapeutic attachment relationship with the child throughout treatment. During treatment, I use well researched neurobiology trauma-care information to first regulate the child and then equip him/her to stay regulated. This is done in a way that is fun and expressive for the child. In addition, I guide children to become aware and curious about their own responses to their thoughts, feelings or sensations. Helping children learn to be mindful of their own experience and how they respond to it, is a powerful agent in their healing process. These therapeutic interventions are done organically through different types of play in the therapy room.

I often have a parent/caregiver in session to learn along with the child and to help the parent/caregiver learn how to become a co-regulator of the child. If trauma is present, I use EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Play and Sand play therapy to process the trauma and bring healing and integration . Many times parents and children experience healing during sessions by learning how to attune with one another, as they repair in relationship with each other.


  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Adoption/Foster Care
  • Behavioral Problems at School
  • Attachment Wounding
  • Anger
  • Extreme Tantrums
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