Individual Adult Therapy

It takes courage to make a call and trust someone with your healing journey. I have done therapy myself and know the importance of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in order to heal.
I use safe attachment within the boundaries of a therapeutic relationship to provide a safe place and safe relationship for clients to process their wounds and begin to experience healing.

Trauma and relational wounding not only impacts us emotionally and mentally, but physically, too. We are holistic beings and when we experience something good, we experience it holistically-mentally, physically, and emotionally. Same happens when we have trauma and relational wounding. We are impacted in different ways that we may not be aware of. As a sensorimotor therapist, I help my clients become curious and mindful about those wounds and how they impact other aspects of ourselves. I use different modalities to process wounds: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, attachment theory, and Internal Family Systems. *For more information on these modalities, click on Resources on my website.

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